Alexis Hirund

Human, Explorer, Treasure Hunter, and Jack of all Trades


Str – 8
Con – 16
Siz – 11
Int – 14
Pow – 16
Dex – 12
Cha – 13

Primary Skills:
Stealth, Survival, Cataclysm Lore, Perception

Weapons of Choice:
Blowgun w/ a Variety of Poisoned Darts
Short Spear and Shield


History: After leaving his nomad family, Alexis followed his inner drive and urge for discovery lead him to become a ruin explorer and treasure hunter while researching his personal passion, the Cataclysm.

During his adventurous youth he met and fell in love with a rival treasure Hunter and black sheep of her power city family Leah Emon. After many encounters some violent some passionate Alexis proposed to Leah and she excepted. Sadly however their love was struck down prematurely when, during a joint ruin investigation Leah took a poisoned dart for Alexis and began a slow and painful death.

Filled with panic Alexis pulled her from the ruins and got her back to her home town but no doctor or magic seemed to be able to purge the poison so Alexis spent most of his accrued wealth to a cult of Hirr to have Leah placed in a form of suspended animation while he seeks a cure.

That was two years ago. Alexis has become very driven and is convinced that the mythical White Harlequins may hold the magic needed to cure his Fiance and so he has gathers a group of talented and unique individuals in order to help him crack the mysteries of the Cataclysm, Discover the Location of the White Harlequin’s hidden city, and save his love’s life.

Personality: **Alexis is incredibly driven, almost to the point of obsession, with the cataclysm and the White Harlequins. Where before it was just an academic passion he is now convinced they may be the only ones who can save Leah and his obsession has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 2 years.

Alexis is also very confident in his own skills and somewhat reckless personally, however after what happened with Leah he has become much more conservative where other’s lives are at stake. At first he seems to care only about his goals but if you can get past his exterior and become his friend you will never find a more loyal ally and friend.

Alexis Hirund

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