Chirkuz of the Outerwall colony of the Forcid

Forcid seeking to bring the power of sorcery to her colony.


STR 14
CON 15
INT 18
POW 14
DEX 12
CHA 12



Forcid Worker, but far more intelligent, outgoing, and independent than most. Eager, enthusiastic, and (surprise! she’s an ant) goal-oriented.


Not large even by Forcid standards: the top of her head (when standing) is less than 5’ high, and her weight is certainly no more than 100 lbs. Covered in pale green chitin with a rose blotch over much of the lower right back, a remnant of a previous fight.

So-so character image

The character image isn’t quite right — it’s based on a mantis rather than an ant. Still looking for something better.

Better pictures of forcid and faschai:

Faschai queen and warrior
Forcid warrior and worker


Chirkuz was raised in Cooprum to be a professional type (healer, alchemist, scholar, engineer, trader, etc.) but demonstrated a knack for and interest in magic theory as well as folk magic. She was able to persuade her colony to pay for a course of study with the College of Ensorcelments and Enchantments in (… Suchrae town…), which taught her a little about sorcery and quite a bit about Suchrae humor.

Chirkuz of the Outerwall colony of the Forcid