A beetle man (karxellen)


str 15
con 15
siz 8
int 15
pow 8
dex 18
cha 12

hard leather coif and curiass

cross bow

Pinchers on head (not sure if considered melee weapon yet.)


Removed from Karxellen civilization due to a deep appreciation for Elven culture, so deep sometimes he would forget he stood only three feet high and is a shiny onyx black with sharp pincers shooting up from the middle of his forehead, X now had enough understanding on the races of the world that the only interest they have for him as a young man is for the coin they can provide his pocket.

He learned the Elven language early in his eighteen years and had begun speaking it as if he never knew Karxellenian.

To the bane of his family he even stopped worshiping the Karxellen Gods.

Now X has lost the ability to believe in any Gods, but knows every spoken language of the land.

He maintains a faux nomadic lifestyle. Faux in that he has a nest he calls home in an outcast Karxellen village and when not working his Spy trade will reside there amoung his books and other clutter.

He likes to wear the leather armor of a nomad though and pretend to be among their roving number, because he feels that it helps him avoid the rules of a civilization in which he is attempting to infiltrate.

The one constant X has learned about life in this world is that everyone pretends to ignore the people of a lower caste.

Though he appears invisible to the powerful and rich he should not be ignored for X can send a thought from miles away, understand any spoken utterance, disappear at will, and inject an inky black darkness into any space he wants light to avoid, oh and with an arbalest bolt tucked snug in his crossbow he can also kill at any distances.

For hire at the right price! Just think X!


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