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Bad Wrong Fun (BWF for short) will be a Table Top Roleplaying 6-8 month campaign set in an entirely player created world. We will be using the RuneQuest / Legend game system.

By now you must be wondering – “What the hell is this idiot rambling on about?” Well allow me to pontificate…

What do you mean by entirely player created world?
  • Just what it implies… the players will meet with the GM before the campaign begins and design literally the entire game world from scratch together. For more details see the first Adventure Log post, or click on the appropriate tab to the left on the navigation bar.
Why RuneQuest / Legend? I kinda like (System x)…

BWF will use the RuneQuest / Legend system because:

  • It’s easy to learn – There is only 1 book that the players need. No glut of options, splat books, constant errata or online subscriptions.
  • It’s affordable – Remember that one book I mentioned? Well yeah, you can get your pdf of it for $1 here

Or you can be Hardcore like me and get a hard copy for $20 which is suuuper portable by the way

Legend size

No I don’t have giant hands – the book is printed in Digest size (5½ x 8¼ inches)

  • It’s a bit more realistic – Look I know we all love meeting interesting fantasy creatures murdering them and taking their loot. Lets be serious for a second tho okay? Nowadays some game systems focus so much on miniature tabletop combat that it gets in the way of… ‘um you know, ROLEPLAYING? Fights using this system are a bit more lethal which means you have to think before going into combat, look for other solutions, and most important of all roleplay since entire game sessions won’t revolve around combat only! That’s not to say that this game wont feature combat, it will just be far more fast paced and deadly.
  • In early 2012 the current authors of RuneQuest will be releasing Runequest 6 It is our current plan to switch to that rule-set when they do. RuneQuest 6 will be published by The Design Mechanism More details on Runequest 6 can be found here and here.
Okay so whats the plan?

Currently we are looking to recruit about 16-20 players, (yes you read that correctly) which will be divided into 2 “camps”. Each camp will field 1 adventuring party a week. Players will be encouraged to submit play reports using this site’s Adventure Log page. All game session scheduling will be player driven also using this site’s Calendar and Forums to help organize.

Resources will be made available to players via a download page of the Wiki.

Games will be held weekly at the Compleat Strategist in midtown Manhattan. Times will vary according to player availablity and are subject to GM approval.

Unique features of Bad Wrong Fun.

The Campaign will revolve around character development in a persistent sandbox world which means:

  • There is no regular time – every session will be scheduled by the players on the fly.
  • There is no regular party – each game may have different players drawn from “Camps” (A pool of around 8-10 people.)
  • The PCs are central – they start as small fish in a dangerous world that they have to explore with caution. They may get caught up in the sweep of world events, or choose to shape things themselves.
  • Games only happen when the players decide to do something — the players initiate all adventures and it’s their job to schedule games and organize an adventuring party once they decide where to go.

Players send emails to their Camp’s mailing list saying when they want to play and what they want to do. A normal scheduling email would be something like “I’d like to play Tuesday. I want to go back and look for that Gnoll encampment we heard out about past the Barrows. I know Mike wants to play, but we could use one or two more. Who’s interested?” Interested players chime in and negotiation ensues. Players may suggest alternate dates, different places to explore (“I’ve been to the Barrows and it’s too dangerous. Let’s track down the Fey Ring in Silver Wood instead!”), whatever — it’s a chaotic process, and the details sort themselves out accordingly. In theory this mirrors what’s going in each “Camp” in the game world: adventurers are talking about their plans, finding comrades to join them, sharing info, etc.

The only hard scheduling rules are:

1) The GM has to be available that day (obviously) this usually works fine however, since the GM is pretty flexible. The only hard and fast day that is out is Mondays.

2) The players have to tell the GM where they plan on going well in advance, so he (meaning me) has at least a chance to prepare anything that’s missing. As the campaign goes on this becomes less and less of a problem, because so many areas will be fleshed out the PCs can go just about anywhere on the map and hit adventure. The GM can also veto a plan that sounds completely boring and not worth a game session.

All other decisions are up to the players!

For more info or to get involved, message me via the join button on the right navigation bar, or email (preferred) at:

the.maze.controller @ gmail.com

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