Dawn of Worlds First Age


GM note First of a three part series covering the 3 ages of the Dawn of Worlds game players used to create our setting. These feature play perspectives are brought to us by some of our players and I have had them narrated by StephanosRex a friend of the campaign.

Here are parts II and III.
Here is the full play report.

The First Age

In the Ebon Shrine, carved into the great spire, sits a talisman shrouded in utter darkness. Revark Ny-bound, Harlequin priest of Ebon’reh had traveled far to find it, in the period after the starfall cataclysm and the disappearance of their god. Long and hard were his travels, guided only by a tugging within his souls. Pulling it from its niche he finds a small book, bound in black leather, radiating the comforting darkness of their god’s touch. This was the recognizable touch that had been part of their lives for so long, which was now utterly absent. The Shadowborn within him purred in empathy, bringing a small amount of solace to their joined souls. Pulling the book into the winking candlelight of the altar Revark opened it to the first page and began to read:
In the Beginning...


Dawn of Worlds

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

- Douglas Adams

Cooking up a world in the kitchen:

The first game sessions for our new campaign will revolve around world creation. The entire game world will be player generated. This will include:

  • Landmass (Geography and Locations)
  • Major Gods and Pantheon
  • Major Races & Playable Races
  • History of the World & Major Events

This will be guided and facilitated by the GM in 2 stages:

  • First we will be using the Dawn of Worlds mini game to create the world, major races, cultures, and basic pantheon.
  • For subsequent World Building sessions we will be using Ben Robbins’ outstanding Microscope game to further enrich and enhance the history of the world. In this way we can delve a little deeper into how / why things came about and how things work in the setting.

Follow on sessions will include:

  • Cooperative party building through role play mini games
  • Character building tools and workshops
  • Rules / Game system review
  • 1 shot Adventures and RuneQuest 6 playtest sessions covering Melee & Magic Combat mechanics.

These 1 shot adventures feature scenarios and materials provided by Lawrence Whitaker – one of the authors of the upcoming RuneQuest 6. Details concerning RQ 6 can be found here.

The Campaign is set to go live in the last week of January, so stay tuned!

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