In the Beginning...


Dawn of Worlds

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

- Douglas Adams

Cooking up a world in the kitchen:

The first game sessions for our new campaign will revolve around world creation. The entire game world will be player generated. This will include:

  • Landmass (Geography and Locations)
  • Major Gods and Pantheon
  • Major Races & Playable Races
  • History of the World & Major Events

This will be guided and facilitated by the GM in 2 stages:

  • First we will be using the Dawn of Worlds mini game to create the world, major races, cultures, and basic pantheon.
  • For subsequent World Building sessions we will be using Ben Robbins’ outstanding Microscope game to further enrich and enhance the history of the world. In this way we can delve a little deeper into how / why things came about and how things work in the setting.

Follow on sessions will include:

  • Cooperative party building through role play mini games
  • Character building tools and workshops
  • Rules / Game system review
  • 1 shot Adventures and RuneQuest 6 playtest sessions covering Melee & Magic Combat mechanics.

These 1 shot adventures feature scenarios and materials provided by Lawrence Whitaker – one of the authors of the upcoming RuneQuest 6. Details concerning RQ 6 can be found here.

The Campaign is set to go live in the last week of January, so stay tuned!

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Very cool idea! I just posted a link pointing people here on the Lame Mage blog. I’ll be watching with great curiosity to see how it goes. Good luck!

In the Beginning...

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