1What is Bad Wrong Fun (BWF)?

2Why RuneQuest?

3What is West Marches?

4What is Microscope / Dawn of worlds?

5Why did you pick the name Bad Wrong Fun?

6How do I get involved?

7How often do I have to play?

8This is cool but I’m not ready to join yet, how do I get updates?

9I’d like to join but I have never played RPGs before is that ok?

10How do I get more information on RPGs?

11What is NYC RPG?

12What is Games that Can’t Be Named (GCBN)?

What is Bad Wrong Fun (BWF)?

It started as a RuneQuest / Legend campaign designed around:
  • RuneQuest game mechanics
  • West Marches style Sandbox
  • Dawn of Worlds / Microscope player built world
We are starting to evolve past that basic premise, the new aims and project goals are a bit of a mystery, you will just have to stay tuned.

Why RuneQuest (RQ)?

A big reason we chose RQ is because it allows us to flex to meet the schedule demands of an adult player base. Because RQ character development is skills based rather than level based players can party together no matter what their schedule. IE: Suzy who comes along only once or twice a month can easily play alongside Frank who comes and plays every single week. Other reasons include straightforward intuitive rules, fast paced deadly combats (since combat is so dangerous people tend to balance with roleplay more) and a good old fashioned feel like games of the past.

What is West Marches?

West Marches is the brainchild of Ben Robbins, it is an often emulated but rarely duplicated sandbox style of play. It emphasizes player choices rather than GM story / plot focused game styles.

What is Microscope / Dawn of worlds?

Both are outstanding games you can use to create your own world / campaign setting with a little creativity and some imaginative player elbow grease.

Why did you pick the name Bad Wrong Fun?

The Game Master (GM) is nuts… No seriously folks, the real reasons we chose BWF as a name for our group and site is to poke fun at everybody including ourselves. Everybody is so busy fighting over which version of which game they like best, they forgot that this was supposed to be a good time. I think Billy Joel once said “It’s all RPGs to me…” ( Please dont sue us Mr. Joel ) What this industry needs is more players not “the perfect game”.

How do I get involved?

Email the GM —> the.maze.controller @ gmail.com

How often do I have to play?

As often as you feel like it! Naturally some people can make it more often than others, but because all our games are player scheduled you can set things up in advance with other members from your “Camp” (10 players per camp). Gaming on demand! Well not quite on demand, the GM needs at least 3 days notice but we have internal forums for that – neat huh?

This is cool but I’m not ready to join yet, how do I get updates?

We have a Facebook and Twitter account that fans can use to follow our shennanigans.

I’d like to join but I have never played RPGs before is that ok?

Absolutley – there is a very slight learning curve but some of the best players I have ever seen are “newbies” and don’t have preconceived notions or theories on how to play. We are new player friendly and even have custom made starter kits which we are developing.

How do I get more information on RPGs?

If you check out our links section you can find a variety of resources to get started reading on your new hobby.

What is NYC RPG?

NYC RPG is an new alliance of local gaming groups who wish to promote the RPG hobby. Although we all play different games, NYC RPG is system agnostic and recognizes the fact that: A rising tide lifts all boats. Through increased cooperation we seek to have a positive impact on the hobby we all love. For more information on NYC RPG contact the GM of Bad Wrong Fun.

What is the Games that Can’t Be Named (GCBN)?

I could tell you but then I would have to kill you… GCBN is the first NYC RPG event. It’s a super secret collaboration between yours truly and Tavis Allison of Adventuring Parties. This event is open to the public! It may have something to do with certain games that are coming out soon. Come to one of our events at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art for the next 6 weeks (excepting Feb 1st) on Wednesday nights from 7-11. Once you sign & swear an oath of secrecy, you get to play cool games (emphasis plural) which we can’t talk to the public about right now. For more details contact the GM of Bad Wrong Fun or Mr. Allison.