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Adventuring Parties – Get some friends, grab some dice, and pretend to be elves. For a special event, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette, we have the adventuring party for you.

RuneQuest / Legend Message Boards

The Design MechanismThe Design Mechanism is run by Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash, the writing team behind RuneQuest. First and foremost, a design house, working on rules, background and settings.

Mongoose PublishingMongoose Publishing is a prolific British manufacturer of role-playing games, miniatures, and card games, actively publishing material since 2001. They are the license holders for Legend.

TTRPG General

EN WorldEN World is a role-playing game news and reviews website, which has grown from the earlier “Eric Noah’s Unofficial D&D 3rd Edition News” site (which was active from 1999-2001). is a role-playing game website. It includes sections on wargames, tabletop games and video games, as well as columns on gaming topics.

4chan’s /tg/ – “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.” Obi Wan Kinobi – Star Wars. The /tg/ board isn’t too bad if you can avoid the trolls. Not a work-safe board, often a wealth of knowledge however.

The Cartographer’s GuildThe Cartographer’s Guild is a forum created by and for map makers and aficionados, a place where every aspect of cartography can be admired and examined.

Local RPG Groups

NY Red Box – A bunch of gamers who live in NYC. Despite the title they aren’t soley focused on D&D although “old school high concept gaming” is their thing. New York Red Box is a place where it’s 1980 for another 2d6 turns.

Nerd NYCNerd NYC is a nonprofit social club dedicated to making friends and playing games in NYC. Over 1,000 members.

NYC’s D&D Meetup Group – Boasting 1400 plus members, you are sure to find a style of game you like. They tend to stick to D&D and it’s derivatives however. Especially good if you are looking for a 4e game they can be found here.

RPG Connect – While not strictly a Meetup Group, RPG Connect is the game scheduling tool du jour that many of the large NYC Meetups use to schedue games.

NYC RPGeezers – Welcome RPGeezers, you’re old, have a real job and a really geeky pastime.

Long Island Role Players – Gets local GMs and players together to play some games and discuss the finer points of role-playing. Primarily meets at Ravenblood Games in Plainview, NY.

Grim Worlds – The Grim Worlds gaming style is gritty and realistic, where moral lines and ethics are sometimes unclear and anything can happen. They play Palladium Games systems primarily.

Places we dig

The Compleat StrategistThe Compleat Strategist a common hangout for Bad Wrong Fun. It is an excellent brick and mortar shop in midtown Manhattan. Roleplaying games, strategy games, board games, miniatures games and more.

Twenty Sided StoreTwenty Sided Store is a gaming store located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They focus on board games, RPGs and Magic: the Gathering. Another excellent hangout that provides for a great gaming environment.

Miscellaneous neat stuff

The man who knew too much – Witness the majesty, depravity, and genius that is N. Lloyd and his outstanding YouTube channel. A modern day renaissance man who knows a little about a lot. He is the producer of the film on our main page and he’s a pretty cool guy we think.

Incompetech – Free online graph paper, just watch out for the large deceptive green or blue download buttons as they are advertising banners.

One Monk – Great resource for paper-craft miniatures. If you have played in my games before you may see some recognizable NPCs.


Sites and Stuff We Like

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